Equity Real Estate Services announces launch of IRA Title Pro

Equity Real Estate Services announces launch of IRA Title Pro to provide real estate investors with IRA closing solutions

HARRISBURG, PA —June 21, 2022 — Equity Real Estate Services, a proptech company focused on offering investors of residential real estate the products and services needed for an efficient and timely end-to-end online real estate experience, announces the launch of IRA Title Pro, a full-service national title company exclusively focusing on real estate IRA closings powered by Invested United Title Corp.

“With rising interest rates, unprecedented inflation, a near 20% drop in the stock market and the expected decline in property valuations, many industry experts are speculating on the decline of the retail real estate market, and even have fears of a recession beginning in July,” Equity Real Estate Services CEO James P. Schlimmer said. “However, IRA Title Pro is anticipating perfect conditions for real estate investors to come back from the sidelines and use our tools, resources and closing services to save time and quickly close on their next investment property.”

At no fault of their own, local closing companies may be unaware of the complexities of IRA-funded transactions, leading to a confusing process, closing delays and significant time from the investor as they are forced to educate all parties of the transaction. IRA Title Pro provides an experienced single point of contact well-versed in real estate IRA transactions who can close quickly and answer every question. IRA Title Pro can close on average 11 days faster than a local title company who doesn’t specialize in IRA real estate closings.

IRA Title Pro also offers many tools and resources to help investors save time and maximize income potential.

IRA Title Pro’s Closing Cost Calculators estimate the approximate cost of closing for the buyer or seller within seconds. Their Short-Term Rental Estimator gives investors the ability to understand the short term rental earning potential of an investment property before closing.

Investors can uncover property red flags, such as judgments, liens, foreclosures or potential buying opportunities using IRA Title Pro’s comprehensive Property Intel Report. For real estate an investor already owns, the Smart Tracker Property Report saves investors time and money by automatically emailing monthly property reports highlighting valuation changes and neighborhood trends.

“Just send us your investment and we will handle the rest,” Schlimmer said.

In addition to purchase and sale closing services, IRA Title Pro also offers private money lending title insurance for investors who issue loans to borrowers secured by real estate.

“There is an immediate need for investors to take advantage of this closing service,” Schlimmer said. “We are seeing many investors put their loan funds at risk by not properly recording documents, paying transfer taxes or running a simple title search to identify their lien position. This information is critical to understand prior to lending to ensure the investor note will be paid off in the event of a borrower default. Our team handles this so well, we will even insure the loan funds by issuing a private money lenders title insurance policy at closing.”

IRA Title Pro powered by Investors United Title Corp. is a title company currently licensed in 31 states, with the number soon growing to 33. Both IRA Title Pro and Equity Real Estate Services are affiliates of Equity Trust Company, which was recently named best self-directed IRA Company by Investopedia.

For more information, visit iratitlepro.com.

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